Practical information


The monthly fee is EU 25,-. You can transfer this monthly fee to NL88 RABO 0317 2587 96 (Transition CRT). It is possible to purchase a year subscription. You will get a month training for free at a total price of EU 225,-. It is also possible to purchase a lessons-stampcard for four lessons. If you're not able to come train every week, then this option is very suitable to get the most out of your fee.

Introduction lessons are free of charge and it is not nessecary to register beforehand.

Clothing and protection

You are free to train in your own trainingsclothing. Because TCS has it's focus on being realistic self-defense, it is also possible to train even in jeans or shirt. Transition CRT offers protection gear during training.

It is possible to purchase Transition CRT training clothing, regular clothing and patches. Protection gear is not available at the moment, but will be in the future. Click here for Transition CRT merchandise.


At the moment, TCS is practiced in Utrecht. Every Sunday from 15:00 to 17:30 you are welcome to join us on the Stauntonstraat 9, Utrecht.