TCS defines a gradation system in a level-based form. You can evolve through these levels by passing exams. Please find an overview down below:

  • Level 1Transition-CRT TLS Combat System level-1
  • Level 2Transition-CRT TLS Combat System level-2
  • Level 3Transition-CRT TLS Combat System level-3
  • Level 4Transition-CRT TLS Combat System level-4
  • Level 5Transition-CRT TLS Combat System level-5
  • InstructorTransition-CRT TLS Combat System Instructor
  • MasterTransition-CRT TLS Combat System Master
  • Honorary MasterTransition-CRT TLS Combat System Honorary Master
  • FounderTransition-CRT TLS Combat System Founder

Students who apply for the lessons start with the rank of ‘practitioner’ and do not wear a patch. The level 1 patch is worn after successfully finishing the level 1 exam. After qualifying for level 5, TCS offers the possibility to evolve and become an instructor.

TCS masters are well experienced specialists who's contribution evolves TCS and sets future standards. There are currently two TCS Masters, one TCS Instructor and two Masters in additional expertise.