What is TCS?

TCS is a modern, complete and widely applicable combat system, characterized by effectiveness, efficiency, its scientific basis and the simplicity of learning it.

By training physical and mental aspects in combination with analysis and recognition of situations and threats, regardless of the recreational or professional purpose, the individual becomes more resilient, decisive and self-reliant.

What do you learn and train with TCS?

TCS is an allround, widely applicable and complete system. It offers more aspects than a ’traditional’ martial art only. TCS training results in:

  • Effective self-defence;
  • Physical strength and fitness;
  • Mental strength;
  • Resilient mindset;
  • Ability to survive in (extreme) situations;
  • Prevention of injuries;
  • Ability to control situations, generate insight, awareness and understanding;
  • Ability to analyse and anticipate risks and threats;
  • Ability to operate weapons.

And much more!

At the moment, TCS is being taught in Utrecht and Arnhem. For the locations, please see the sign-up page.

Transistion TCS Combat System

Expert courses

Next to regular TCS courses and training, we offer exclusive expertise courses. These enable participants to expand their skills and knowledge on topics differing from the regular ones. For instance, we offer courses specific weapons manipulation techniques, tactical skills and law and regulations for professionals and weapon disarming for civilians. Transition CRT cooperates closely with partner organisations and the government in order to provide unique training and opportunities.p>