Together with the Russian Combat Nederland foundation, Transition CRT organizes open Systema seminars. These seminars are based on a modular system, which means that every seminar has a different theme and based on that theme, principles from the Kadochnikov System are explained and practised. During the whole day you will train and experience the effectiveness of the Russian hand to hand combat system.

Once a year we organize a three day lasting Systema training-camp. You will experience three days of intensive training provided by some of the most experienced Systema Kadochnikova instructors from all of europe. Next to training, there is plenty of time during this weekend to socialise and relax. This weekend is the perfect opportunity to get the full Systema experience.

For who?

These seminars are open, so everyone is welcome! It is as interesting for people who have a background in Martial arts as it is for people who have no earlier experience with any type of martial art or self defence. The minimum age for these seminars is 16+.