Open Seminars Systema Kadochnikova

The Systema Kadochnikova seminars are open for everyone. Interesting for people who have with a background in Martial arts, but also interesting if you are new in the world of self defense and Martial arts. These seminars have a modular design and setting, which means that during every seminar, different specific aspects of the Systema hand to hand combat system will be taught. By doing so we create the possibility for you to keep on learning and developing in Systema Kadochnikova.

Tailor made seminars

To perfectly suit the needs of you and your target audience, Transition CRT also offers tailor made seminars. We believe that if you wish to learn specific abilities of conflict regulation, you are best helped when a seminar is specially designed for you. With our expertise we are able to create a seminar which will result in quick adaption and improvement of the individual.

Conflict regulation training (CRT)

Not every learning necessity is solvable with just one or two days of training. Therefore Transition CRT offers a complete tailor made training course based on your learning needs and necessities. Together we will work on the solution of your learning necessity and development of your employees. This will result in visible effects and improvements.