Dominik was a senior-officer and a veteran. He has commanded units, trained personnel and worked in an international staff and environment. His experience varies between conducting combat operations and activities with the diplomatic corps. His ability to quickly switch between negotiations and combat in extremis, allows him to effectively influence and control situations.

He started his military career in 1999 and participated in foreign missions. His involvement in Systema was preceded by the necessity to enhance hand-to-hand combat skills following a tour in Afghanistan. He has devoted his abilities to stimulate people to develop self-reliance, resilience and defensibility ever since. He is now a aspiring police officer since his transition to the Dutch law enforcement in 2019.

Carrier Reference:

  • Aspiring at Dutch law enforcement (2019)
  • Co-founder Transition Combat System in 2018
  • Instructors title Systema Kadochnikova in 2018
  • Commander and staff-member, major
  • Military instructor
  • Numerous missions from 2004 to 2016

Due to his age and experience, Dominik qualifies as the senior partner in the company and the team’s pinch hitter.  His abilities allow him to negotiate when and where necessary, but also to confront people and direct actions. He is a conceptual thinker, a visionary with a can-do mentality and a hands-on approach.

His involvement in Systema evolved from combat missions in Afghanistan and the necessity to improve efficiency, effectiveness and safety in hand to hand combat, in particular.

Systema Kadochnikova offered the required simplicity and expediency combined with proportionality and control.

He practices Systema since 2012. The passion and commitment resulted in frequent clinics at Army barracks over the years and skill and knowledge development.

Dominik tends to evolve and innovate, but is also aware of the fact that not every development results in direct improvement. That is why he commits his skills to stimulate personal growth, resilience and defensibility, in a tailor-made approach with a lot of integrity.