“By studying and understanding the nature of conflicts, we should be able to deal with them and make the best out of it”. Alex, instructor and co-owner of Transition CRT, has experienced many conflicts in his personal and professional life. By facing numerous and various arguments including street violence, he has developed a realistic view on conflict origin and regulation.

Alex’s background as Human Resource Developer allows him to focus both on the corporate and personal needs related to educational policies and provision of advice and suitable training for people facing conflicts.

Carreer Reference:

  • Co-founder Transition Combat System in 2018
  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Development in 2019
  • Full contact (Kyokushin) Karate, 2nd degree black belt in 2013
  • Instructor Systema Kadochnikova in 2013

“Ideals are peaceful, history is violent.” Conflict is something humanity has been dealing with since its existence. From a minor task you don’t agree with, to major combat in total war, conflict has always been there and is to remain. “By studying and understanding the nature of conflicts, one will be enabled to deal with it and make the best out of it”, says Alex, Instructor and co-owner of Transition CRT.

Alex has experienced many conflict situations in his personal and professional life. Dealing with various arguments and  street violence, he has the right to claim to be able to have a realistic and experienced  view on conflict regulation.

Alex trained Systema Kadochnikova (a Russian military combat system) since 2007 and is a certified instructor since 2013, which makes him the youngest instructor worldwide. He has been trained by a protégé of the founder of the system, and continues his training occasionally in Russia himself. “This system has taught me how to deal with conflict situations, both physical and psychological and now I teach that to others”, Alex says. Besides teaching the Systema Kadochnikova to civilians, military and security personnel, Alex also coached sportsmen in Karate, being a 2nd degree black belt himself.

Alex is educated as a Human Resource Developer, which means he is an expert in educating and developing people within their work environment. Alex describes his study as a study which focuses on the investigation of the learning necessities and to translate the needs of a company for development to concrete and effective learning policies. It also teaches you how to advise, train and coach people in their work.